Be a WEGO Health Activist Awards Judge!

The WEGO Health Activist Awards honors the health leaders who made a real difference in how we think about healthcare and living well in 2013 - and you can join in the excitement!

The WEGO Health Activist Awards are selected in a unique way - not by popular vote - but by a panel of Health Activists and healthcare industry leaders.  Sign up to be a member of one of our Judging Panels and you'll get the chance to choose who wins this year.  As a judge, you'll also be recognized on the WEGO Health blog and have the chance to meet other great Health Activists.  In exchange, we'll ask you to help us spread the word about the Awards and share your honest feedback.

Each judge will:

  • Share the WEGO Health Activist Awards with their online community (whether that's on their blog, facebook page, twitter, or all of the above!)

  • Review the finalists for their chosen award 

  • Participate in a conference call and online meeting with fellow judges to discuss finalists and select a winner

Tell us why you'd like to be a judge!

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